The Wellbeing Institute provides psychiatric services in Tucson, Arizona.

Founded in 2009 , The Wellbeing Institute is exactly what it sounds like: a place to restore the stability of your wellbeing.

Since its inception, we have expanded our staff and our range of services, all while maintaining our first-class service known to our clients.

Through this expansion came the ability to provide clients with more appointment availability and faster new client response; new clients will be seen within a week or less after the first call is initiated.

Beyond traditional clinical services, The Wellbeing Institute is also home to many cutting-edge research studies, whose benefits are seen not only by existing clients, but also in new participants, and even further, in the psychiatric community.

Professionals at The Wellbeing Institute specialize in making accurate psychiatric diagnoses, providing individualized psycho-pharmacology treatment, offering individual therapy, family counseling, group therapy and an intensive outpatient program (IOP) which follows an evidence-based approach.

Unique attributes of our psychiatric services:

(1) We can see new patients very quickly, generally within a week

(2) We see children, adults, and seniors ( Geriatric Psychiatry ).

(3) We offer suboxone treatment.

(4) We integrate medication management with psychotherapy. If clinically appropriate, we want to reduce/stop patient’s psychotropics rather than increasing them.

(5) We have Spanish speaking providers.

(6) We have child therapists.

Please call 520-225-0584 to set up an appointment.